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Work life job success


A 1 day workshop which enlightens you regarding the following :
1) How work with the correct attitude leads to prosperity.
2) When you realize work is divine & when a chore.
3) Dealing with present work & modern job scenarios.
4) Dissolving the energy of lethargy & dissatisfaction at work.
5) Energy direction & goals setting for job success.
6) PERFECT SOLUTION & ANSWER FOR work & job to be satisfying and joyful.
7) What lies before and after your work job life.
8) Changing ethics & moralities in the workplace.
9) Saturation with a job or workplace & letting it go.
10) How to find the perfect job and work place of a lifetime for assured success.

This is one of a kind Divine Workshop in India. In this very effective and modern day essential workshop in which you :

1) Learn the Divine Manifestation Method (DMM) for improving present job circumstances or remaining in your present place or going on to do some other equally satisfying work.

2) Understand why and when you are unable to sell your products inspite of various special offers, huge discounts and other freebies.

3) Follow the universal directions on how to gain the subconsious cooperation of your boss, employees, consumers, etc.

4) Discover that if you are convinced that your present job/work is not satisfying and cannot become so, then learn the other powerful method to set about changing the situation and bringing in new ways of living and new methods of work for perfect satisfaction and perfect pay.

5) Explore the alternative options to apply when you are unable to sell/rent your property due to a slack season (hoteliers, estate agents, bungalows on rent, etc) & attract the most prosperous-minded customers to you.

6) Ask and learn to seek Divine Guidance concerning your present work and how to improve it, to seek wisdom for positive, constructive, creative thought, attitude or action in your next step.

7) Study the methods to create the best Divine affirmations for the development of your talents and abilities to bring great satisfaction in your work job life success.