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Daily between 6am to 10am, receive the following as a part of your daily inspiration on your WhatsApp :
(1) Angel Card or
Oracle Card or
Angel Tarot Card or
Any other Metaphysical card.

(2) Spirit Guide or
Sacred Guide or 
Ascended Masters or
Any other Diety Messages.

(3) An Affirmation or
A Quote or
Colour Therapy or
Any other guidance.

(4) Weekly or Fortnightly
Moonology tips or
Rituals or
Cards or
Mantras or

Benefits of this WhatsApp course :
Practice the daily instruction as specified on that day itself to :
1. keep your vibrations high
2. magnify manifestion
3. develop higher frequencies
4. be positive through the day
5. feel guided and protected
6. experience synchronicity.

Time Required :
You would be investing 10 to 20 minutes per day, as per your convenience, to read, journal (write) and complete the activity in this WhatsApp program.

Venue :
Only on your WhatsApp

Terms & Conditions :
(1) WhatsApp chats and calls are not entertained or allowed for this at all.
(2) It is not a part of your personal coaching experience for problems.
(3) It is not a part of your personal card reading for any issues.
(4) No questions or discussions are entertained in this at all.
(5) Material is the same for all of you as it’s a daily inspirational study course and not any personal reading or coaching.

What this WhatsApp Course offers :
A daily road map or blue print for 24 hours wherein you receive some angelic guidance or spiritual support through various metaphysical tools which you practice on a regular basis for feeling :
✅ better physically,
✅ stronger mentally &
✅ lighter emotionally
one day at a time.

This course helps to deal with that day and by the time the next day comes, you receive your next dose of inspiration. So, life becomes easier and simpler, one day at a time.

Past participants who have experienced this for months have reported profound insights and breakthroughs with a simple card, message or even an angel word & phrase.

Important Note :
Twice a month, New Moon day (Amavasya) & Full Moon day (Purnima) activities may require more than 30 minutes.

Energy Exchange :
Rs 1500 per participant per month, if registered before the month begins (All registrations before the 1st day of any month)


Rs 2400 per participant after the month begins (All registrations from the 1st day of any month)