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Receiving valuable Angelic information, feedback and guidance at crucial moments in Life is very beneficial and helpful for all your daily life issues like :
foreign travel
personal life matters
professional satisfaction
children’s studies
beginning new business, etc.

Following types of issues and questions related to the topics given below are covered in the sessions :

A few examples of how questions can be framed for seeking guidance for specific issues in every session :

1. You are applying for a loan and need to know the best institution as per your energies.

2. You are purchasing/selling a house or renting it out & need to know whether the opposite party has favorable energies throughout the deal.

3. Should I travel to this place for this deal with this person ? If yes, any other guidance, precautions ?

4. Choosing a marriage proposal from a few and taking informed guidance from your Angels.

5. You are supposed to be signing a television series or a film on that day and need to know if it is meant for you.

6. You need to know the best car/vehicle and its colour and you are already in the showroom to book it.

7. A session requiring several methodologies to gain clarity and provide handholding to you over long pending issues like :
job changes
relocation to a new city
travelling abroad
adoption of pets & children
a health issue
a start up / stuck project
a joint venture, etc.

8. A session of Angelic help, support and guidance that takes into account very complex questions regarding :
long standing legal disputes
separation processes
severe health problems
chronic relationship patterns
damaging or discouraging financial matters
property matters, etc.

Energy Exchange/Investment :
(1) 1 hour session for one person :
Rs 10,000 + 1800 (18% GST)
Total amount = Rs 11,800.

(2) 2 hour session for one person :
Rs 15,000 + 2700 (18% GST)
Total amount = Rs 17,700.

Kindly note :
1. Sessions are telephonic or in-person or a mixture of both.
2. These sessions are meant for one person only and any accompanying person is NOT allowed to sit with the client during the therapy.
3. All appointments are confirmed within 46 to 60 hours after receiving the payment.