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Topics covered in this 1 day workshop :

1) Existing spirituation of wealth
2) Go to power emotions
3) Daring & thinking big
4) Dusting off cobwebs
5) Time and energy of money
6) Assumption & visualization
7) Overcoming hardships
8) Financial independence techniques
9) More aids & tools for cash
10) Your 10 lucky money steps.

This is a unique opportunity to experience a spiritual awakening with regard to your money frequencies. In this workshop :

1) Discover the 10 Cosmic and Universal reasons why indebtedness comes to you and why you make such financial mistakes in the first place to cause debts in your life ?

2) Learn why, how & when your joining in the chorus of mass gossip, criticism, negative thought, poverty prone discussions, bickering, jealousies and petty entertainment at other people’s cost drastically reduces your spiritual financial abundance.

3) Follow what to do when FEAR about present financial problems seems to engulf you from all sides & you need immediate relief to experience pleasantness, prosperity and peace.

4) Use this powerful Cosmic Force when your customers or clients have not paid you & you are having lots of bad debts.

5) Discover what Divine help to ask when creditors are pressing hard for payment and you are unable to pay. How to dissolve that energy of lack & scarcity and invite new GOD-given financial blessings that are yours by Divine Right.

6) Learn how to persist and receive a Divine Sublime Solution (DSS) if you are unable to feel hope, fearlessness and trust in the existing financial situation due to despair, discouragement and a sense of loss.