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Welcome to the one day Heal Your Life workshop on Setting & Honouring Boundaries. This workshop is designed to allow you to facilitate your continuous personal development by revisiting, revising and experiencing the Louise Hay philosophy at a deeper level.

What is this workshop about :
This is an inner journey focused on learning how to work with boundaries. What we say yes to & what we say no to defines our life. The quality of our relationships is significantly influenced by our ability to set healthy boundaries. Setting appropriate boundaries is an act of SELF LOVE.

Contents of this workshop :
1) Introduction to Boundaries
2) Assessing present relationships
3) Exploring Family Patterns
4) Boundaries in the Body
5) Reassessing present boundaries
6) Creating structures to protect
7) Honouring our boundaries.

In short, this workshop is highly recommended and useful in 2 ways :
1) It supports you in diving deeper to understand your thought & behaviour patterns around boundaries.
2) It teaches you how you can create healthy and compassionate boundaries.