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Everyone has goals and dreams they want to achieve. Some seem easy to attain, while others are elusive. If there is some area of your life where you desire a breakthrough, we invite you to this powerful 2 day workshop to understand :
1) How the unconscious mind can sabotage your dreams.
2) Methods to understand your unconscious more fully.
3) The mental, emotional & spiritual skills you need to achieve your dreams.
3) How “doing less” may actually “accomplish more”
4) Why affirmations don’t always seem to work.
5) How to create affirmations that do work.
6) How to create a powerful visualization for your blueprint for success.

Do you have a long standing life long dream or various short dreams you would like to achieve but you don’t know how to start ? This 3 day workshop will provide you with the 10 vital steps needed to turn your dreams into reality.

In this amazing workshop :
1) Discover the most profound secret of all.
2) Uncover the beliefs that stop you.
3) Learn the process for creating your personal blue print.
4) Find your life purpose that nourishes your dream life.
5) Develop confidence and skills for moving forward.
6) Experience powerful group energy for support and inspiration.
7) Practice the art of living in your dreams via visualization.

These powerfully cosmic times are the perfect time periods to believe in yourself that your dreams can manifest – so easy to say, not so easy to do if you don’t have a blueprint or map.