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Join me in this exclusive 1 day workshop to understand how the One Supreme Universal Intelligence works through you in these wonderfully connected modern times to bring about prosperity in your life and the lives of those you love.

What is this workshop about :

1) What happens one fine day when you discover that your entire outlook to life may have been wrong or you are going around in a negative rut or you are unable to be free from your present situation.

2) How to cope with setbacks when you are too overwhelmed by your own failures and bring about the working miracle of Divine Law of Justice and Freedom in your life.

3) What to do when you are dissatisfied and spend all your time in criticism, are clueless, aimless and do not have a concrete goal in mind.

4) When you are worrying, fretting or talking about your debts and it is not working and you find yourself in the clutches of loans/debts.

5) To be permanently free of financial burdens, to avoid looking back at past mistakes repeatedly and be willing to create a wise, secure and unafraid future.

6) How to develop a workable, peaceful and harmonious attitude to riches of all kinds when you are working extremely hard and unable to live in prosperity.

7) What tools to use when you are trying to find your financial freedom and how to bring it forth in EXISTENCE to experience good days and rich days.

8) How to use special secrets in the face of distressing pulls or setbacks and persistently move forward on your way up !