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Private, personal and confidential readings are conducted for the following modalities and issues :

Read carefully before you book your appointment :

(1) Your appointment is booked ONLY after your full payment & details required are received in advance. This is a commitment so that I can begin my preparation in advance.

(2) Your advance payment received is the full amount plus the GST. A proper receipt (bill/tax invoice) is provided to you.

(3) Payment is preferred only through NEFT or IMPS. GST is compulsory even if you are paying in cash in urgent circumstances. Cheque to be drawn in favour of Kalyaan Kumar Jain & appointment is confirmed once it is cleared.

(4) Once your energy exchange (payment) is received, your appointment is confirmed within 4 working days.

(5) Your session involves various divination tools & techniques and metaphysical methodologies to seek the best channelled guidance for you.

(6) Various types of angel, oracle & tarot card spreads, pendulums, colours, numbers, directions, body scanning, energy readings, akashic records, words, pictures, energy grids, etc are a part of the session, as & how required. It’s quite an enthralling experience !

(7) Sessions are telephonic or in-person. I would always prefer that you are present physically for the best guidance as your auric field energy matters during the session.

(8) These sessions are meant for one person only and any accompanying person is NOT allowed to sit with the client during the therapy.

(9) Your questions can be related to a single topic or a mixture of a few issues mentioned above or your own type or kind of personal & professional questions.

(10) All details, discussions, explanations and information is strictly private and confidential. No digital recording is allowed at all. You can take notes or note down pointers on a pad.

(11) Once a session is complete, you need to practice or perform any suitable tasks or action steps given to you. This must be a compulsory commitment on your part.

(12) Continuous WhatsApp chats or calls for every small inquiry or detail are not allowed after the session. You can call or message only once for your action steps or tasks once your session is complete.

(13) You can book a fresh appointment for more questions or clarifications on other issues once your session is complete. So it is always advisable to write down your questions in advance and come prepared for the session.

Energy Exchange for TELEPHONIC consultations only :
(inclusive of 18% GST)
(1) Rs 6000 for 2 questions for 15 minutes.
(2) Rs 11,400 for 4 questions for 30 minutes.

Energy Exchange for PERSONAL consultations only (you are physically present) :
(inclusive of 18% GST)
(1) Rs 19,500 per hour
(2) Rs 30,300 for 2 hours