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Welcome to this clear, practical, loving and wisdom-filled 2 day workshop to bring your life into harmony with your heart’s desires.

This workshop material is created and developed by HYL International Trainer, Patricia J Crane. She provides the Essential Guiding Steps to Powerful Nourishing Affirmations and charmingly explains how your affirmations recipe of ingredients, method and results is foolproof and always succeeds in your relationship to the Cosmic Kitchen (Universal Source).

This workshop is useful and beneficial to you if you :
1) are ready to lovingly nurture your daily life with positive affirmations.
2) are spiritually hungry for a fulfilling, enriching and a joyful life.
3) are willing to put the workshop material into practice.
4) want to learn effectively how to ask for what you want or desire.
5) are seeking to make simple positive changes in your life, the lives of others and to help our planet.

How this workshop helps you :
1) It inspires you with a broad new vision for your personal and professional life.
2) It shortens your learning curve and provides you with years of researched material in a simple workshop format.
3) It includes techniques, particularly affirmations and visualizations, that empower you to achieve your dreams.
4) You learn the basics how to clear your old menu items and place a new order.
5) Various orders for money, materials, career, success, health, relationships, travel, housing, etc are covered.
6) Explains how to imagine the possibilities and be ready when the Cosmic Kitchen is ready to take your order.