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Join this 2 day workshop to learn, explore and experience some of the most powerful meditation and imagery techniques !
This 2 day workshop is created and developed by worldwide HYL trainer Patricia J Crane, of Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC, USA.

What this 2 day workshop teaches you :
1) The difference between meditation, guided imagery and visualization.
2) Different types & techniques of silent meditation.
3) Psychological, as well as, physical benefits of meditation.
4) How to use the “faith factor” and “trust issue” to heal dis-ease.
5) The multi dimensional uses and benefits of guided imagery.
6) How to visualize and balance various energy points in your body.
7) How your meditation can help bring peace to the planet.

The techniques used in this workshop help you to expand your own consciousness and prepare you mentally, emotionally and spiritually to become a wonderful channel to support change in your life, the lives of others and for the planet.