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Healing and empowering the Known, through Guidance from the Unknown !

The Unknown (Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Sacred Guides, Source, Universe, Cosmos, Life) communicates with us in gentle and subtle ways. The unfortunate thing is, that many people have completely lost touch with their Source due to the rigmarole of Life.

If you feel you are one of them and you would love to be aware, mindful, highly intuitive and manifestative, then you can definitely connect with Reetta Kalyan Jain & Kalyaan Kumar Jain.

Both husband and wife are Spiritual Life Coaches & Metaphysical Teachers.

Following the ACP Model of Guidance which deals with Creating Awareness (Past), Finding Clarity (Present) & Living Your Purpose (Future), they handhold you to empower yourself by initiating transformation in your own time and space.

They work with spiritual and metaphysical tools of Angel cards, numbers, colours, invocations, directions, space energies, affirmations, body scanning, visualizations, mirrors, music, akashic records, moonology, etc and provide channelized guidance from the Cosmic Sources.

Kalyaan’s main areas of focus (since 2011) are everything connected with :
(1) Angels & Cards
(2) Cash & Money
(3) Relationships
(4) Spiritual Marketing
(5) Life Coaching

Since 2013, Reetta Kalyan Jain specializes in Spiritual Energy Empowerment & Coaching through powerful hands-on light & energy healing sessions. She is also an Intuitive Body Scanner Coach and a Personal Mirror Therapy Coach.

Both personally guide a majority of television and film celebrities in India as their Spiritual Life Coaches and Mentors with complete privacy and confidentiality.

With four wonderful teaching and coaching attributes of :
1. Compassionate guidance
2. Practical teaching
3. Professional action steps & a
4. Friendly supportive approach,
both divide their time between Bengaluru & Mumbai and travel all over India conducting workshops, retreats, trainings and personal sessions.

An enthralling experience awaits you if you are willing to change your perceptions and transform your lives by seeking guidance for any of the following :
1. Love & Relationships
2. Health & Wellness
3. Life Purpose
4. Loans & Debts
5. Marriage & Children
6. Goals & Milestones
7. Legal Dispute Resolution
8. Money & Abundance
9. Death & Grief Resolution
10. Past Life Regression
11. Work, Job & Business
12. Career & Promotions
13. Clutter & Space Clearing
14. Mission & Vision Clarity
15. Estate & Will Planning

(By pre booked appointments only)