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Who is Kalyaan Kumar Jain ?

In the spiritual plane, I am a traveller experiencing the dual roles of a student and a teacher of life.


In the physical plane, I am one of the following depending on the situation and the person :
Tarot Reader
Retreat Facilitator

It simply means that I operate as your own personal Spiritual Life Architect. I specialize in powerful Energy Guidance sessions with Prayers, Invocations, Affirmations, Angels and Cards.

I am the co-creator of Angel Acaademy, through which sessions, workshops, trainings and retreats are conducted all over India.

I am also a personal Life Coach & Spiritual Mentor to many film and television personalities in India.

You can definitely connect with me for :
1. Customized Coaching Sessions
2. Personal Angel Tarot Readings
3. Exploratory Group Workshops
4. Residential Certified Trainings &
5. Residential Healing Retreats

Experience channelized amgelic guidance from the Unknown for healing and transforming the Known ! I follow the ACP Model of Guidance which deals with creating Awareness (Past), finding Clarity (Present) & living your Purpose (Future). In short, I handhold you to empower yourself by initiating transformation in your own time and space.

What is your background & story to become a coach & trainer ?
In 2011, after my mother passed away, (My father had already crossed over in 1990 – I am the youngest of 9 siblings) I was completely rootless and on my own and thus began my ‘Spiritual Journey’ as a seeker with the guidance of Masters, help & love of Ancestors and blessings of my Guardian Angels.

(I began working at 15, after my SSC, as soon as my father transitioned. So there is a 23 year experience of the educational field.)

A naturally gifted teacher, I started teaching from the age of 15 realizing early in life that my gift of communication and intuition were intrinsic to my personality. I conducted Tutorials & Coaching Classes in Bombay from 1990 to 2000 & managed a residential hostel and a boarding school in Panchgani from 2001 to 2010. I also worked in various schools as an Assistant Teacher & in Junior Colleges as a part time Lecturer.

And why did you change your profession ?
You see, for the first 21 years of my career, I was a tuition teacher, hostel owner and the managing trustee of our boarding school. It was a normal and good life. But soon there was nothing else in it for me. I did the best I could to make it fulfilling and positive within the parameters and systems available at that time but soon it was just becoming another job. Life was getting repetitive and dull. I felt this urge and longing inside me to be free to do what was coming up next. So I eventually closed the boarding school, then the hostel and took long breaks of several months and went after my desires and dreams. And let me tell you, those dreams are coming true one by one. I always joke that earlier I was teaching children, now I teach their parents.

Do you mean to say that I too have to take a long break ? I cannot leave my work and family life like you for months ?
You don’t have to quit everything, take a long break and go after your dreams. Just be willing to get your magic back by receiving guidance from the Unknown, so that you don’t have to wait another year to start having the magical life you deserve. Avoid the delay in finding the true meaning of your Divine Purpose and help yourself to make your dreams come true with so many healing modalities available today on the planet. Infact, this is the best time to be alive on earth with all the magnificent changes taking place.

So how and why do I require to consult you ?
The Unknown (Angels, Source, Universe) communicates with us in subtle ways. The unfortunate thing is, that many people have completely lost touch with their Source due to the rigmarole of Life. If you feel you are one of them (90%) and you would love to be in the 10% which is aware, mindful, highly intuitive and manifestative, then you can definitely connect with me.

How do I experience an effective reading or coaching session from you ?
Once your introductory session is complete, it becomes clear to choose the best option for you from amongst these few tools – reading, coaching, training, workshop or retreat.

What happens in this introductory session ?
An introductory session involves an exploration and discussion upon the area of life you are willing to transform. Through my various exploratory tools and techniques, you are encouraged, motivated, inspired and hand-held to implement and execute certain key habits in your life.

As a spiritual and personal life coach, I gently lead you towards who you can become along the way rediscovering your truly spiritual and divine self.

My intention is to give you an insight into a coaching experience through the various modalities I practice by channelizing guidance from the Source. Your introductory session can also help you to explore, understand and absorb the subtle but important messages given by the patterns in your life.

What next after the introductory session ?
This session is very helpful as you are guided by Divine Energy throughout and it is simple & easy for you to take decisions on which aspects you wish to transform in your professional and / or personal life.

Once your main desire, question, aim, objective and reason for connecting is clear and out of the way, then through paid appointment sessions, I support you to understand and absorb the karmic patterns of your life and prepare you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to overcome any negativity or low energy pertaining to any of your issues and deal with it.

Every participant has a different & vivid experience because various alternative healing modalities workable for you at that point in time and space are used in your spiritual coaching for the best transformative experience.

Once the guidelines are set and you are clear about what you desire and your willingness in achieving your goal is clearly defined in our introductory session, then we move forward with the required number of personal sessions or take a call on which workshop or retreat is suitable for you.

Guidance on Residential Certified Trainings is only available if it comes positively in your personal reading & coaching session.

An ethical commitment  :
I value and respect your time and privacy and expect the same from you. A vow of complete PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY is taken before any session.

My mission is to gently support people as they change their perceptions and lead simple transformative lives through my workshops

My vision is to gently support, guide and hand hold people to access their Inner Wisdom and manifest their life purpose through my retreats & trainings.

My life purpose is to gently support people to discover that they too can have a magical life by helping them to receive guidance from the Unknown through my personal coaching sessions.

First introductory session for any modality :
Rs 10,000 + 18% GST = Rs 11,800.
This 2 hours exploratory session is to get to know each other and see if any energy transformative work is to be done together.