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An uplifting and inspiring 1 day workshop to manifest the healthy & prosperous life you so deserve. Learn the beginning to health, wealth and wisdom in 4 powerful sessions.

Health :
1) Releasing limiting ideas about health
2) Amazing healings in the mind / body medicine
3) Healing Light – special guided visualization.

Wealth :
1) Exercises of prosperity consciousness
2) Welcoming the abundance into your life
3) The truth about the abundance in the Universe.

Wisdom :
1) That five-letter word – trust
2) Pay attention to your inner teacher
3) Connecting to the Universal Mind.

Contents of the workshop :
1) Causes of ill health
2) Ancient art of health
3) Healing through attitude
4) Emotions healing
5) Mental projection
6) Forgiveness heals
7) Happiness heals
8) 3 steps for quick healing
9) Avoiding sickness
10) Effective healing techniques.

This is a rare opportunity in workshops where health and wealth are discussed with the wisdom of the Universe.
Join this workshop today.