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This is another healing and transformative approach to life from the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life philosophy of Louise Hay.
This 1 day workshop is created and developed by worldwide HYL trainers Patricia and Rick of Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC, USA.
Are you grieving the loss of a loved one, a job or career, your health, a relationship or a pet ? If you are finding it difficult to move beyond the loss, this healing workshop is for you !

Learn and explore the ideas and techniques to heal your heart, acknowledge the pain and sorrow and find acceptance of the loss and the joy in life again.

What you experience in this workshop :
1) The power of sharing with others who are dealing with loss
2) Simple meditation techniques for finding peace within
3) The most important and powerful work of Forgiveness
4) An effective and safe Releasing Ritual for letting go
5) Affirmations for healing your present to co create a joyful future
6) Twelve ways to love and heal yourself.
You can also choose to gift this 1 day workshop to your beloved near and dear ones or friends & colleagues who have undergone a tremendous loss recently and are in the process of grieving and healing.