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(Before asking any frequently asked questions, please read the entire message twice as all that needs to be mentioned is already in there. We are so used to not reading carefully and completely nowadays. So please READ in full.)

In the busy, hectic and time consuming rigmarole of life, are we just surviving, living or existing ? An entire gamut of technologies, family, friends, assorted relatives and colleagues, perfect strangers and tele callers, employers and employees, the government and the media – all are demanding our attention 24/7 & 365 days.

Modern human is at one moment a very fortunate being and an unfortunate soul the very next minute. Having already lost all balance of various aspects of life or on the verge of losing it forever, he is somehow staying afloat in his very humdrum and routine ocean of life.

Loans and EMI, taxes and returns, health reports, continuous coverage of worldly distractions and disasters, irresponsible and fake messages, unrequired emails, warring, irritating, frustrated and beloved family members, nosy or totally aloof neighbours, exploitative business relationships or bosses or troublemaking labourers or workers, failing banks and institutions, crumbling infrastructure, pothole deaths, sweaty, stinking travel in local trains, cold tiffin food – OMG, it is a miracle WE are even surviving all this.

Now, if you are still reading this, you wonder why am I cribbing about all such issues which are considered NORMAL modern city life daily happenings. NO, I am not cribbing. I am just saying that with all of the above existing situations, a few thousand people still live the life they live. They are breathing, thinking, living and existing with strong optimism, solid mindfulness, powerful intentions and acute awareness in their life. They also have their problems and issues, but somehow everything works out beautifully and perfectly for them in the end.

My journey is something like this since the last 9 years and I find a smile on my face as I get up in the morning everyday to face the day. In fact, I look forward to the new adventures and lessons of the day. And go through my day and feel satisfied atleast 60% of the time before I put my head on the pillow at night. I live on purpose, enjoy the work I do, release people, situations and ideas (beliefs) that no longer matter for my highest good and generally stay away or avoid completely any kind of the above mentioned toxic modern clutter in my daily spiritual EXISTENCE.

I take each day as it comes, be flexible and adaptative about situations and circumstances, get coached regularly, learn new concepts, read daily, practice my affirmations, go through my vision books, journals, get associated with like minded trainers, healers and mentors and above all listen carefully to my Intuitions, Guardian Angels and Guides. I may work at a stretch, take an unusually long break, (last night my wife fought with me over my one year break in 2013 as I just told her I am looking at a month long sabbatical) and just do nothing at all.

But one thing is what I have learnt and learnt well.

I matter. I matter to myself. My life matters to me. I count in this grand scheme of the Universe. And I am now very strongly interested in this Ekla Chaalo journey of mine. The world and its distractions can wait or go on forever. But I am using my time very very preciously on this planet first for my own growth and then for sharing that experience with others.

Over the years, I have continuously reduced most time wasting and socially irrelevant functions, grand weddings, unnecessary meetings and above all unaware people who are not invested in their own growth, look and blame outside factors for their problems and harm themselves and others by vibrating and living in very low frequencies of existence.

Yes, we all want to change others and we want to do so much for the world but let us realize that the world is within us and the more we peel off layers we have gathered since we were born, we find and discover new possibilities and potential opportunities for happiness, health, well-being and all types of required abundance.

So I invite you to be a part of this beautiful journey of Accessing Your Inner Wisdom in this divinely guided and spiritually encompassing FREE WEEKLY programme called Wednesdays with Kalyaan Kumar Jain.

Every week.
Every Wednesday.
7pm to 9pm

To enhance and empower ourselves with new and exciting alternative modalities of healing and share my life teacings and experiences with you.

Please note :
This is not a marketing gimmick for the sale of any of my workshops. It is a genuine heartfelt gift of sharing. So please come with an open mind and and an even more open and willing heart.

We begin from the Wednesday of Jan 1. All details will be sent by a broadcast message to all the numbers in my WhatsApp list. You can send me numbers of friends who want to come. A list of simple rules and instructions to be followed, all details regarding venue, location and other relevant information will be sent to you on 28 December 2019. You are not asked for any payment or subscription anywhere in or during the 2 hour period. (You can call it a FREE seminar, workshop or class – anything that suits you.)

Come and experience it once and then decide for yourself personally if it resonates with you and you want to come for the next one or not. The choice is always yours.