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This is an important 1 day workshop based on the Heal Your Life Philosophy of Louise Hay with the course created by Sneha Shah & Shashank Gupta (Isra).
Dealing with various challenges that we encounter in modern day relationships, this powerful workshop helps you to build conscious loving connections & make your relationships work.
This sensitive and exploratory approach to relationships helps you to gain deeper insights and learn new principles for increasing stability and improving the overall experiences of your present relationships.

Among other beautiful things about relationships in this workshop, you also learn about :
1) Types of modern relations
2) Energy Grid of Relationships
3) The Cycle of Hurt
4) Reflections & Intentions
5) Transforming Communication
6) Childhood Experiences
7) Exploring Limitations
8) Creating new Foundations.

So come and be willing to experience a strengthening of your relations with your self as well as others through envisioning and co creating peace, prosperity and happiness in all your relationships.