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Thank you for your desire to be willing to receive and remember the principles of cash consciousness.

The Universal Principles for creating a life full of cash consciousness also apply to every part of life, so once a person learns them, they can be used to create change other limiting beliefs. In addition, every time you read and go through the material provided in this course, you will expand your own cash consciousness ! This course is meant to guide you through preparing for mental, emotional and spiritual changes as well as making practical changes and decisions financially.

In addition to the learning from the workshop, you will want to spend some additional time afterwards developing your own examples and notes to fully integrate cash consciousness in your daily life. This workshop is a great opportunity for participants to identify their limiting beliefs through exercises, discover their strengths and weakness in their relationship to money and use affirmations and visualizations to change old beliefs.

The assignments and worksheets evaluation process offers a wonderful energy to support change !

You do not need to be wealthy or perfect to participate and learn from this workshop. Yes, you do need to use these ideas and principles in your own life, have a desire to share this information with your beloved ones, an open heart and a willingness to listen.

Learning at your own pace is a growth process suitable to many participants in modern times, so expect that as you go deeper, some of “your stuff” will be triggered ! How wonderful ! It is all an opportunity to continue the growth process.

You might also consider teaming up with a financial planner after the course – so that the financial planner teaches you the practical aspects to handle your cash in the most practical manner.

Yes, this is one of the best workshops – a fun, exciting and dynamic way to change your consciousness about money.

(1) To empower you in your relationship with money and other forms of prosperity by releasing limiting beliefs and practicing new ways of thinking about prosperity.
(2) To provide an assessment that provides insights for you in how you currently deal with money on the practical, emotional and spiritual levels.
(3) To assist you in developing new or improved skills for accepting the prosperity of the Universe that is just waiting for you to receive it.
(4) To assist you in deepening your Trust in the flow of Universal abundance.
(5) To support you in creating your “new story” about prosperity.

Welcome to this wonderful and amazing programme on developing the New Cash Consciousness for the 21st Century. Just by showing up here you are making a statement that you are ready for a new level of prosperity in your life and to understand the role of your consciousness in your relationship to CASH. The fact remains that this course provides you with simple, easy, effective and practical methods to gradually receive, increase and sustain the energy vibrations and presence of MONEY in your life.

My role in offering this powerful course :
My name is Kalyaan Kumar Jain and I am BEING LED by the Universe to conduct and facilitate this exciting course. I stand in front of all participants in the role of a mediator and INSPRIATOR between you (the participant) and the Universal Source. For the entire period of the workshop my duty is to awaken you to your naturally available awareness of abundance from within. More on all this as you decide to begin the course.

For now, let us take a few minutes to breathe and ask for divine intervention regarding this. Just ask yourself, “What financial wisdom am I willing to gain from the Source this time through this workshop ?” And see what insights occur to you. And then you can choose to take your decision.

INVESTMENT : Rs 10000/- which includes :
1) Breakfast
2) Lunch
3) Tea/Coffee
4) Feedback of assignments
5) Evaluation of worksheets
6) Free membership of the Support Group
7) Participation Certificate.

Save your seat with a payment of Rs 2000/- only.  To find out if you are eligible for a SCHOLARSHIP of 20% for this programme, kindly call Kalyaan Kumar Jain directly on +91 93200 10301.

Balance amount to be paid at the venue.

FACILITATORS : Celebrity Spiritual Life Coaches Kalyaan Kumar Jain & Rita Jain. To know about your facilitators, CLICK HERE.

Hotel Suba International ,
Plot 211, Chakala Sahar Road,
Opp Cigarette Factory,
Andheri East ,
Mumbai – 400099.
For location, CLICK HERE

12 & 13 January, 2020
Saturday & Sunday
9am to 6pm on both days.

Daily SCHEDULE for both days :
08:00 – 09:00am     Breakfast
09:00 – 10:00am     Opening Circle
10:00 – 11:30 am     Session
11:30 – 12:00 pm     Tea Break
12:00 – 01:30 pm     Session
01:30 – 02:30 pm     Lunch
02:30 – 04:00 pm     Session
04:00 – 04:30 pm    Tea Break
04:30 – 06:00 pm    Closing Circle


(A) Kindly get the following items with you from your home for your CASH CONSCIOUSNESS WORKSHOP :
1) Your own pillow (takiya)
2) Any small handheld mirror
3) Diary or Notebook
4) Pen
5) Colour Pens or Pencils or Crayons
6) Few flowers (5-6) of any kind
7) Cloth bag to carry your belongings
8) Water Bottle

(B) Please inform me in advance if you need Jain food.

Saturday, Jan. 12, 2020
8am to 9am Breakfast & Registration
We begin 9am & end at 6pm.

(D) WhatsApp me your complete names with proper spellings as you want them on your Participation Certificate.

(E) AC cooling will be at 24°C. Kindly carry a shawl or required clothes, if necessary.

(F) Various courses will be on sale at huge discounts only during these 2 days. Carry enough cash or cards to take advantage of this.

For registration and any other queries call Kalyaan Kumar Jain directly on 09320010301.

General Disclaimer :
All these courses or materials are not substitutes for any kind of ongoing medical or other treatments. These programs or products are intended to provide helpful and informative material for inner growth and self transformation. Hay House, Inc. & Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC., and its licensors, its suppliers or any other third parties mentioned, including Kalyaan Kumar Jain, are not liable for any personal injury, including death, caused by your use or misuse of the contents of the above courses.