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My name is Kalyaan Kumar Jain and I am here to provide you Guidance from the Unknown and Healing from the Known.

I recently received your enquiry and I am glad that you are seeking guidance from your Guardian Angels and are in the process of taking the next elevated step to move in a higher frequency and vibration where all desires are manifested easily and effortlessly.

Angel Therapy, Angel Tarot Card Reading, Spiritual Life Coaching, Affirmations Coaching, Energy Healing, Colour Therapy & Cosmic Powers are beneficial and helpful for all our daily life issues like health, wealth, education, foreign travel, prosperity, personal life matters, job, work, career and professional satisfaction, children’s studies, beginning new business, etc.

For a basic introduction and knowledge about this modality of healing, CLICK HERE

A telephonic or personal session provides you with :
1. Angel Tarot Card Readings
2. Archangel Coaching
3. Oracle Guidance
4. Angel Invocations
5. Affirmations Coaching
6. Energy Healing
7. Spiritual Life Coaching
8. Guidance points
9. Solutions for your issues
10. Any other energy source, if required.

 – Rs 4600/-  per person.
Duration 1 Hour per person.

Once the guidance is followed and implemented step by step, you begin to see major changes and results in your life. There is spiritual clarity, a sense of purpose in life and awakening and awareness in all aspects of life. All your questions are taken one by one during the session & suitable guidance and solutions are channellised. Guidance received is to be followed for the prescribed time limit, with due importance on the completion of any assignments.

Kindly do not deposit direct cash in the account. Once your payment is acknowledged within 12 to 48 hours, your appointment is confirmed. Kindly WhatsApp the bank slip or receipt and the sender’s name.

General Disclaimer :
All these courses or materials are not substitutes for any kind of ongoing medical or other treatments. These programs or products are intended to provide helpful and informative material for inner growth and self transformation. Hay House, Inc. & Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC., and its licensors, its suppliers or any other third parties mentioned, including Kalyaan Kumar Jain, are not liable for any personal injury, including death, caused by your use or misuse of the contents of the above courses.