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For an introduction on Angel Therapy & related concepts, CLICK HERE

We all have natural spiritual gifts to connect with the Divine. With the correct teaching and training, we can awaken our dormant God given abilities to access our clear connection with the Divine and lead ourselves and others upon the path of exploring, discovering, understanding and experiencing our life purposes on this magnificent planet.

The 3 levels of Angel Therapy and the other related and relevant training courses in this realm give you a solid through understanding and provide a strong foundation to learn the skills of spiritual healing and psychic readings with the help of different types of :
1) Angel Cards
2) Oracle Cards
3) Archangel Tarot Cards
4) Angelic Meditations
5) Archangel Affirmations
6) Divine Visualizations
7) Spirit Invocations
8) Universal Prayers
9) Spiritual Guidance
10) Spiritual Life Coaching

Throughout these trainings, you are taught the tools, skill sets, secrets and exercises of personal and professional card reading for satisfaction and to earn a well deserved income.

Within these cerified trainings, you are provided with a thorough overview of the Angelic realm and the various different methodologies of Angel Therapy and Card Readings. There is a study of standard outlines on how to use colours, numbers, symbols, elements among other things to communicate with the Divine Energies for yourself and on behalf of others.

With compassionate guidance, practical training, professional action steps and a friendly supportive approach, Kalyaan Kumar Jain is your go to person in India, if you are keen to pursue a spiritual voyage full of magic, miracles and awe along with taking this up as a remunerative career opportunity.

Syllabus, course content, card decks to be used and the list of healing modalities for each training level is different and is only provided to registered participants. To know more about how you can learn and benefit from these trainings, schedule a call with Kalyaan Kumar Jain himself by sending him a WhatsApp on 09320010301.

Kalyaan Kumar Jain is one of the very few successful and well known Spiritual Life Coaches in India to have completed ALL of Doreen Virtue’s trainings before she stopped training from 2017. He has also completed other Card Reading Trainings of Kyle Gray, Diana Cooper, Denise Linn, Collette Reid and Radleigh Valentine over the last 10 years.

VERY IMPORTANT : Certification & Licensing for all the levels of Angel Therapy and other training programs of Card Reading is exclusively provided by Life Acaademy & Angel Acaademy founded by Kalyaan Kumar Jain and Rita Jain.