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Welcome to the 2 day Certified Training Course on Angel Invocations & Meditations.

There are 15 Meditations and 33 Invocations in this course.

As you proceed with the training slowly and properly through the 2 days, you personally go through, explore and experience each meditation and invocation and its use and effects.

These are life long pieces to be absorbed and practiced regularly and there is no need to teach or experience or do all of them together. You must give or use only 1 invocation at a time to your client depending on his or her requirement.

Personally for yourself, choose the invocation which feels right for you at this moment in your life and avoid sharing it with anyone at all times.

You will learn how all this needs to be done at the same time and same place everyday without any change or break, unless specified.

You will understand the importance of choosing your timing as per your convenience and comfort so that you are not disturbed by anyone.

Just to get a feel of this certified course now, experience this as given below :

Close your eyes and relax deeply. Do some type of preparatory meditation or simple breathing exercise to ground and center yourself.
When you feel relaxed and energized, say to yourself silently, yet firmly and clearly, “I now call forth the quality of love and peace through this invocation/meditation.” Feel the energy of love and peace coming to you, or coming out from someplace inside of you, filling you up and radiating out from you. Remain for a few minutes totally experiencing the feeling. Then, direct it towards your particular invocation or meditation through slow and gradual reading of your personal piece. Throughout the process, be in the energy of appreciation, thankfulness and gratitude.

Meaning and details :
To invoke means “to call in” or “to call upon.” When used in meditation, invocation is a technique with which you can summon any type of energy or quality to come to you.

You can use the power of invocation to summon any quality or energy that you want or need….
Healing Power…

Simply make a strong, clear statement to yourself that this quality is now coming to you.

Another wonderful way to use the power of invocation is to summon the spirit or essence of a particular person who has qualities that you desire. If you invoke one of the masters, such as Buddha, Christ, or Shiva you are calling forth the universal qualities which that person symbolizes, which also lie within each of us. For example, if you call for Krishna to work in you and through you, you are summoning in a very powerful way your own qualities of love, compassion, forgiveness and healing ability.

If there is any particular master or teacher or hero or angel with whom you resonate, call upon him or her through invocation whenever you feel the need to manifest his or her special qualities within yourself.

This type of meditation works beautifully when there is a special skill or talent that you wish to cultivate. For example, if you are studying music or art, call upon any great master in these fields whom you especially admire; picture him or her supporting and helping you and feel the person’s creative energy and genius flowing through you. It is not necessary to incorporate any personal problems or weaknesses he or she may have had; you are summoning the person in his or her highest aspect. Many amazing results can be achieved through this meditation.

This powerful course is a must for all Angel Card Readers, Oracle Card Readers, Any kind of Tarot Readers, Spiritual Healers and everyone else who is pursuing the alternative healing modalities and wellness programs.

This course complements anyone who has done the Angel Therapy Certification Program as well.

You can add this to your repertoire of healing modalities and charge the client on per Invocation or Meditation basis.

Most of my students are also using this in conjunction with Affirmations Coaching, Law of Attraction, Heal Your Life, Numerology, KP & Vedic Astrology, Crystal Therapy, Vaastu, Feng Shui, Mediumship, Runes, Tea/Coffee Reading, Reiki, Pranic Healing, etc.

This kind of practical training adds a genuine perspective of clear guidance and a solution oriented approach to your counselling and coaching skills as it helps your clients to find a foothold in their quest for self healing.

As with all other programs, this Training is also held only once a year.