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(Affirmations Coach- Level 2)

This Advanced Training course contains new and most powerful affirmations and the techniques to do them. It is based on the material created by international experts in this field. Chief among them are Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, Susan Jeffers, Doreen Virtue, Iyanla Vanzant, Mike Dooley and many others.

In this advanced training, we work on the newly founded and experimented principles, methods, techniques and tools of creating, developing and learning how to integrate the essence of deeper affirmations in our life for deservability, empowerment and fulfillment.

As we embark on this journey and create a conducive environment for ourselves through these rare, simple but profound processes of power statements, we are gently persuaded to look at ourselves more deeply and re-evaluate our beliefs for these modern times.

We recall, remember and recreate our past affirmations to cross check them and this leads us to our present day affirmations of the next level of our life and it is only when we learn this in the proper order, that the changes contribute to our overall well-being and happiness.

The most significant characteristic about this training is that it covers all areas of your life and it will continue to show results for several months even after your training and certification is complete.

You can always revise, revisit and review the entire course material anytime in your life. It remains with you forever.

This training program works like an extended inner growth self healing session as you go through the most effective, time-tested and result oriented affirmations in the training while learning how to read and write them a specified number of times with particular colours, doing insightful exercises and group sessions and drawing, painting and co creating your life goals with affirmations.

It means that as a Certified Affirmations Master you also acquire a working knowledge of Colour Therapy, Numbers and other related Cosmic & Universal healing modalities.

As an Affirmations Master, you become even more capable, efficient, effective and a better teacher and instructor to your clients.

You teach them how saying and writing their affirmations with passion, patience and persistence is one of the most successful keys to unlocking their talents, potential and future.

As an Affirmations Master you also get the interesting and career growth opportunities to earn good money by conducting
1) half day seminars
2) one day workshops and
3) monthly WhatsApp courses.

Through these courses you can teach your clients & students how to do the affirmations chronologically in WhatsApp courses of 1, 2 or even 6 months wherein they will begun seeing simple but profound changes in their thought pattern, daily speech, words they use, flow of positive ideas, dissolution of the damaging patterns of guilt, blame, criticism, resentment and self-hatred.

By being a Certified Affirmations Master, you begin to be gentle and sensitive to yourself by releasing all that what is no longer necessary for your life experiences. You discover that loving yourself with self-approval and self- acceptance in the now are the keys to living a happy workable and manifestative life.

This training includes :
Training Manual