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Are you a metaphysical healer, yoga instructor, reiki master, personal trainer, school teacher, college lecturer, coaching class owner, life coach, workshop facilitator, angel therapist, tarot card reader or any other alternative health practitioner ? Do your students, clients or participants love talking to you and time just goes by listening to their stories and they feel better in your presence ? Do you regularly receive requests for consultation, counselling or coaching ? Do people tell you that they were just thinking about you when you bump into them and how motivated and encouraged you make them feel ? And above all, do you sometimes feel a little stuck when the right words or phrases fail you when you have to say something positive to your client when they have tried their best ?

Most of us – coaches, teachers and trainers – face this simple but regular problem when we are at a loss of words during a crucial moment in a client’s/participant’s/student’s life and we so strongly wish we had the right statement to give to them. And in some cases when we do so, it makes all the difference in our teaching and their learning and, but naturally, our income in the long run !

Over the last 6 years, I have experienced all this and more as an Affirmations Coach and seen the magic unfold right before my eyes, when I could help them with that one magical powerful affirmation to manifest what they wanted in their life at that time. My two sons standing first in most of their exams and extracurricular activities is our own personal family example.

How does this Training & Certification help you ?

There are dime a dozen self help books & audio & video material out there. But you must be able to navigate this vast sea of information and give your clients what works the best for them during your coaching sessions. You learn to sharpen your communication skills and to actually listen and realise what affirmation and guidance your clients need and how you can deliver it effortlessly. You learn to identify, frame and modify various types of affirmations for different situations and life issues. You understand the types, methods and techniques for using affirmations most productively keeping in mind the background, personal preference, religion, culture and language of participants. And the best part is that you regularly help them with new affirmations as and when they need them throughout the year over a telephonic or personal consultation and coaching at reasonable and cost effective charges.

In this exciting training program, you learn the tools & skill sets to :

1) Understand all about affirmations
2) Create affirmations for yourself & others
3) Believe in yourself and others
4) Develop a positive attitude towards work
5) Use your creative imagination
6) Implement efficient habits at work
7) Make wise choices professionally
8) Set and achieve goals in a time frame
9) Be persistent in the career of your choice
10) Live life as an Affirmations Coach in financial abundance.

Additional Benefits of this Training & Certification for yourself and your existing clients !

1) As an Affirmations Coach, you can conduct Short Introductory Seminars, 3 Hour Mini Workshops and 1 Day Full Workshops in your own home/office/centre every month with zero or minimum investment.
2) You can coach & counsel 10th, 12th class students before their board exams and relieve them of exam stress.
3) Housewives, corporate employees, club members, call centre personnel, etc stand to benefit immensely and gain plenty of high vibrational energy from your affirmations coaching.
4) You can do this with your regular daily work without making any drastic changes in your lifestyle.
5) Nearly all healing modalities offer affirmations as one of the transformative tools for awareness and self development. Infact, Affirmations Coaching is one of the most easy, simple, inexpensive and least time consuming of all coaching modalities and can seamlessly be combined with any teaching or healing work that you do.
6) With enough experience as an Affirmations Coach, you can make a difference in your client’s life in just about 15 minutes of consultation.

Your Doubt : Many trainings are available nowadays. Why do I opt for this one ?

In these fast, ever-changing and modern times, we all look for that one powerful statement during that one crucial moment of the day when we are at our lowest energy levels and there is a thin line between sanity and insanity and between constructive behavior and destructive behaviour.

Now either we can plunge in a negative vortex with all the news and happenings around us or BOOM…. the right thought, word, affirmation for the exact state of our mind-body can prevent us from going into the black hole called DEPRESSION and the high vibrational vortex of positivity can create wonders, miracles and even prevent a breakdown and thus we can avoid major financial, personal, emotional, sexual, spiritual and professional losses or exploitation.

That one AFFIRMATION can and does effect our consciousness and produces enough biological changes in our body to raise the levels of certain hormones and the resulting energy surge strengthens the immune system and the functioning of all our vital organs, especially the brain.

And BOOM….And we are all ok and all is well with the world.

‘The Final Few Thoughts’

Every waking moment of our mysterious life is filled with thoughts which word themselves into statements and become our personal mantras (affirmations – recurring thought patterns). All the while we are repeating the same personal thoughts and converting them into words, actions, results and ultimately into our character and destiny and then we curse our fate for the cruel blows it delivered especially for us. And we wonder where we went wrong analysing the past and worrying about the future instead of just being and breathing in the present. Now as an Affirmations Coach, you can go deep into the root of the problem/issue and help your client to change, alter, modify and thus influence and generate a new thought pattern to positively impact his energy of words, actions and results.

Enough said. What are you waiting for ?

INVESTMENT : Rs 20200 /- which includes
( 50% scholarship is available if you have done a previous workshop with me. )

1) Breakfast
2) Lunch
3) Tea/Coffee
4) Assignments
5) Worksheets
6) Support after the training
7) Training Manual
8) Course Material
9) Training Certificate.

FACILITATORS : Celebrity Spiritual Life Coaches Kalyaan Kumar Jain & Rita Jain. To know about your facilitators, CLICK HERE.

Hotel Suba International ,
Plot 211, Chakala Sahar Road,
Opp Cigarette Factory,
Andheri East ,
Mumbai – 400099.
For location, CLICK HERE 

11 & 12 January, 2020
Saturday & Sunday
9am to 6pm

Daily SCHEDULE for both days :
08:00 – 09:00am     Breakfast
09:00 – 10:00am     Opening Circle
10:00 – 11:30 am     Session
11:30 – 12:00 pm     Tea Break
12:00 – 01:30 pm     Session
01:30 – 02:30 pm     Lunch
02:30 – 04:00 pm     Session
04:00 – 04:30 pm     Tea Break
04:30 – 06:00 pm     Closing Circle

(1) Kindly get the following items with you from your home for your workshop :
a) Cloth bag for your material
b) Water Bottle

(2) Jain food is available on request.

(3) Saturday – 8am to 9am – Breakfast & Registration.

(4) We begin 9am & end between 6pm to 6.30pm.

(5) AC cooling will always be at 24°C. Kindly carry a shawl, sweater, socks or required clothes, if necessary.

(6) A journal, a pen & worksheets  will be provided.

(7) Come with :
a) an open mind
b) a willingness to learn
c) a powerful intention to transform
d) some flexibility to change &
e) finally, a readiness to share.

General Disclaimer :
All these courses or materials are not substitutes for any kind of ongoing medical or other treatments. These programs or products are intended to provide helpful and informative material for inner growth and self transformation. Hay House, Inc. & Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC., and its licensors, its suppliers or any other third parties mentioned, including Kalyaan Kumar Jain, are not liable for any personal injury, including death, caused by your use or misuse of the contents of the above courses.