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Originally created by Louise L. Hay (Founder Hay House, USA)
Presently certified & licensed by Heart Inspired Presentations, USA (Patricia Crane & Rick Nicolas)
Conducted for all of you by Celebrity Spiritual Life Coaches, Kalyaan Kumar Jain & Reetta Kalyan Jain., Mumbai.

This transformational, spiritual & life-changing retreat is based on the original textbook & workbook, You Can Heal Your Life® and most other books by best-selling author Louise L. Hay & all her original workshops & programmes. To introduce yourself to the Heal Your Life philosophy, CLICK HERE. 
This retreat is a healing journey in which we all explore our vast inner universe more deeply that leads us to priceless treasures which lie within us all – treasures which contain the key to transform and change the above mentioned self-esteem beliefs and untie and unlock those “stuck” places in Health, Relationship, Career and Finances. It gives you an opportunity to know all about anger and forgiveness. You know very well how anger can be a deadly emotion and affect and destroy your state of mind and relationships. Healing anger with forgiveness is one of the most important of the targeted areas in this retreat and is “forgiveness healing” at its best. When we forgive from the head we can never really release the blockages in the body because we hold the energy in some organs of the body. This leads to a state of dis-ease, unhappiness, unfulfillment, dejection, loneliness and finally leads to depression.

As you enjoy the company of other soul friends in this retreat, you learn to :
1) Experience the JOY of a lighter heart
2) Be FREE from the drag of the past
3) Be free to leave the past behind and MOVE fully into the present
4) Be free to RECEIVE and to GIVE from your heart
5) Design skills to EXPERIENCE healthy & loving relationships
6) Ask for & RECEIVE help from the Universal Source
7) ENJOY happy and blissful relationships.

This retreat is also a powerful opportunity for self discovery and change. With new, latest & relevant exercises, this retreat focuses on your new life journey with the tools of awareness, release & creation. Allow yourself to experience more emotional & spiritual growth with Louise’s powerful philosophy. Remember that loving yourself and loving others are the most important tasks we have on the planet !

Your retreat experience helps you to deal with creating and developing self-worth, self-love, self-esteem, self- respect and self-confidence in ourselves  so that it facilitates balance of body, mind & spirit in our lives. In this internationally acclaimed retreat, YOU help YOURSELF to reconfigure your limiting beliefs through the process of self discovery and change, to experience professional success, empowered relationships, prosperity and emotional growth. As a culmination of all days, you are once again gently and skillfully guided to develop awareness of your negative beliefs, release old emotions, discover your inner power & tap your personal strengths.

Finally, on the final day, you visit and revise your transformative and profound work  so that, you can depart with amazing insights on healing your inner world (soul) and outer world (body) with awareness and mindfulness.

How is this retreat different ?
The retreat format includes individual, one to one and group activities based on the Heal Your Life philosophy in a safe and nourishing space, allowing you to LOOK WITHIN and communicate with your inner child and present adult while discovering, processing and cleansing yourself of long held, deep, limiting and dysfunctional beliefs.

A safe, deeply personal and an invigorating space is provided wherein you matter, your thoughts matter and all that no longer serves you is released without any guilt.This retreat helps you to realign yourself with your natural wellbeing and core essence of just being who you are – a spiritual being having a human experience.

What contents or philosophy does this retreat include ?
The retreat includes soft and mild physical movements, meditations, emotional healing processes, energy healing sessions, group healing exercises, guided imageries, visualizations, writing, painting, question hours, sharing sessions, short walks in the woods, listening and communing with nature and constantly being in awareness of your presence.

Various Heal Your Life philosophy points along with light music, soft healing songs, sharing of emotions and feelings help the retreat to make it a spiritually growing and developing experience. It is your personal holiday to yourself.

Who can attend this retreat ?
Anyone with a spiritual bent of mind and above the age of 21 can attend this retreat. It is open to all – healers of all modalities, any type of professionals, housewives, students, working or non working men and women.

Is this a religious retreat or a satsang kind of gathering ?
No, this NOT a religious retreat.
This is a spiritual voyage of your life based on the mind – body & heart – soul connection based on the Love Yourself, Heal Your Life philosophy.

What kind of food is provided in this retreat ?
Simple delicious vegetarian food is provided consisting of the regular breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea/coffee intervals at specified times. Non vegetarian food and alcohol are strictly not allowed during the retreat. There are healthy delicious soups, fresh salads, various types of spice teas and an array of different Indian dishes on all 6 days.

When does the retreat begin and end ?
Retreat begins at 10am on 6th May, 2021.
Retreat ends at 1pm on 11th May, 2021.

Energy Exchange :
(1) Rs 51,000 which is inclusive of the retreat course fee and 18% GST.

(2) Payment for meals and accommodation is to made at the venue directly depending on the room of your choice.

I can only pay in installments. Am I allowed ?
Yes, you can pay by your credit card and avail of the EMI facility provided by your bank.

But I have done the HYL workshops. What’s the use of this retreat for me?
It is a good experience if you have done the Heal Your Life workshops. They are great in content and very powerful for the 2 day processes. And help you immensely by creating and developing the foundations for self love and healing. The retreat goes even deeper and further into the various root causes of your issues. Since there are many days, you get ample time to deal with any issue head on and bring about its strong and satisfying resolution. You receive terrific support from us to face it and dissolve or disintegrate the energy surrounding it. And all this is carefully monitored and guided so you get the next level of healing experience. Yes, the retreat is entirely different in structure. So if you have done the workshops, it is an added advantage and your next natural step to be a part of this retreat.

What are my takeaways from this 6 day retreat ?
An entire self healing process, structure and experience which you can use on your own at any time for any aspect of your life with assured and satisfying results and solutions is the most important takeaway from this retreat. We have been able to turn around and change our lives completely for the better in the last 12 years that we have been introduced to the HYL philosophy. And what better proof is required than we sharing our own life story and experiences with you in this retreat. As Louise has always said so beautifully, ” The power is within you. It always has been… And so it is safe to look within.” What better takeaway than the practicality of this eternal wisdom.

I would like to know the background, qualifications and professional expertise of the persons who are facilitating this retreat.
Retreat is led and facilitated by the husband wife duo Kalyaan Kumar Jain & Reetta Kalyan Jain. To know about your facilitators, CLICK HERE.

Any final information or instructions ?
Yes, once you register, you will be included in the WhatsApp group and everything will be informed and discussed in that group.

I AM looking forward to welcome you to these 6 days of empowerment, enlightenment and growth and to set you on an adventure of self exploration and deepening your foundation, while having lots of fun !
I AM very delighted to be a channel for your further growth as you wish to evolve and progress in your life as a beacon of empowerment, love and joy on this planet !

08:00 – 09:00am     Breakfast
09:00 – 10:00am     Opening Circle
10:00 – 11:30 am     Session
11:30 – 12:00 pm     Tea Break
12:00 – 01:30 pm     Session
01:30 – 02:30 pm     Lunch
02:30 – 04:00 pm     Session
04:00 – 04:30 pm    Tea Break
04.30 — 06:00pm    Session
06:00 – 06:30 pm   Closing Circle