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Who is Kalyaan Kumar Jain ?
In the spiritual plane, I am a traveller experiencing the dual roles of a student and a teacher of life.
In the physical plane, I am one of the following depending on the situation and the person :
Heal Your Life Workshop Teacher, Leader and Facilitator
Spiritual Life Coach & Architect for adults, teens and children
Angel Card Reader, Tarot Reader and Angel Coach & Guide.

Know your Facilitator / Trainer / Mentor / Coach :
Kalyaan Kumar Jain is a Modern Mystic and your own personal Spiritual Life Architect. He specializes in powerful Energy Healing sessions with Prayers, Invocations, Affirmations, Angels and Mirrors.

Known in spiritual circles as the Prince of Prayers & the King of Affirmations & Invocations, he is a qualified Angel Coach, Guide & Angel Tarot Card Reader in India offering exclusive personal Angel Healing sessions for all areas of life. (Doreen Virtue, Denise Linn, Radleigh Valentine, Diana Cooper, Kyle Gray & Collette Reid – Hay House – USA)

He is a Metaphysical Lecturer, a Heal Your Life Teacher, Teens Playshop Facilitator & Personal Life Coach – licensed and certified internationally by Hay House (Founded by Louise Hay-USA) & Heart Inspired Presentations (Founders Rick & Patricia-USA).

Kalyaan is a personal mentor and coach to many film and television personalities. You can contact him for individual and corporate classes, lectures, seminars, workshops, trainings, retreats and life coaching sessions all over India.

What services do you provide ?
Life Coaching, Spiritual Guidance & Personal Mentoring.
An experience of channelized guidance from the Unknown to the known !
I follow the ACP Model of Healing which deals with creating awareness (Past), finding clarity (Present) & living your purpose (Future).
In short, I hold a mirror for you wherein you empower yourself by initiating transformation in your own time and space.

How long have you been practicing and teaching ?
About 9 years now.  In 2011, after my mother passed away, (My father had already crossed over in 1990 – I am the youngest of 9 siblings) I was completely rootless and on my own and thus began my ‘Spiritual Journey’ as a seeker with the guidance of Masters, help & love of Ancestors and blessings of my Guardian Angels. With an experience of 23 years in the field of education, I am now fulfilling my Life Purpose of healing through coaching & assisting in my own way for the welfare of humanity by conducting Workshops, Trainings, Residential Retreats & One To One Personal Sessions.

What were you doing before this ?
A naturally gifted teacher, I started teaching from the age of 15 realizing early in life that my gift of communication and intuition were intrinsic to my personality. I conducted Tutorials & Coaching Classes in Bombay from 1990 to 2001 & managed a Boarding School in Panchgani from 2002 to 2010. I also worked in various schools as an Assistant Teacher & in Junior Colleges as a part time Lecturer.

And why did you change your profession ?
You see, for the first 19 years of my career, I was a tuition teacher, hostel owner and the managing trustee of our boarding school. It wasn’t a bad life. But it wasn’t me. I did the best I could to make it fulfilling and positive, but for much of that time I was just doing a job. Life was becoming drab and repetitive. I wanted more – I knew there had to be more. I wanted my life to be exciting and full of more meaning. I wanted to feel the magic every day. Maybe you can relate to that, too? So I quit everything, took a break of one year and went after my dreams. And let me tell you, those dreams are coming true in ways I could’ve never hoped for ! I always joke that earlier I was teaching children, now I teach their parents.

Do you mean to say that I too have to take a year long break ? I cannot leave my work and family life like you for a year ?
You don’t have to quit everything, take a break of one year and go after your dreams. Just be willing to get your magic back by receiving guidance from the Unknown, so that you don’t have to wait another day to start having the magical life you deserve. Avoid the delay in finding the true meaning of your Divine Purpose and help yourself to make your dreams come true with so many healing modalities available today on the planet. Infact, this is the best time to be alive on earth with all the magnificent changes taking place.

Why do I require to consult you ?
Miracles happen ! The unknown communicates with us ! Life is magic !  I’m totally serious !  The unfortunate thing is, that many people have completely lost touch with that magic – if they were ever connected to it at all. If you feel you are one of them (90%) and you would love to be in the 10% which is aware, mindful, highly intuitive and manifestative, then you can definitely connect with me.

How do I experience an effective healing or coaching session from you ?
Appointments are booked only for one person at a time. The session takes place at a pre-determined time slot as per the allotted appointment only after the Energy Exchange/Charges for the same are paid in advance. These appointments are either telephonic or personal. Any session is meant for questions related to either legal issues, property disputes, turbulent relationships, divorce settlements, financial problems, depression & suicide related tendencies or questions related to any other topic or aspect of your life not mentioned above.

For any session, it is always best to prepare & write down your specific questions in advance so that you can talk about your issue or topic and receive :
Principles for improvement.
Methods for growth.
Guidance for development.

An introductory session involves an exploration and discussion upon the area of life you are willing to transform. Through various activities and modalities, you are encouraged, motivated, inspired and hand-held to implement and execute certain key habits in your life. As a modern mystic, spiritual architect and personal coach, I gently lead you towards who you can become along the way rediscovering your truly spiritual and divine self.

My intention is to give you the best and powerful healing and coaching experience through various esoteric healing modalities by channelizing the guidance from the Source. Your coaching helps you to explore, understand and absorb the subtle but important messages given by the patterns in your life. This is very helpful as you are guided by Divine Energy throughout and it is simple & easy for you to take decisions in your professional and family life.

In these coaching sessions, I support you to understand and absorb the karmic patterns of your life and prepare you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to overcome any negativity or low energy pertaining to any of your issues and deal with it. Every participant has a different & vivid experience because various alternative healing modalities workable for you at that point in time and space are used in your coaching for the best transformative experience.

Once the guidelines are set and you are clear about what you want and your willingness in achieving your goal is clearly defined in your introductory session, then we move forward with the required number of sessions. To book your introductory life transforming session, call Kalyaan Kumar Jain on 9320010301.

Pledge :
I value and respect your time and privacy and expect the same from you. A vow of CONFIDENTIALITY is taken before any session.

My mission is to gently support people as they change their perceptions and lead simple transformative lives. (through my workshops)

My vision is to gently support, guide and hand hold people to access their Inner Wisdom and manifest their life purpose. (through my retreats & trainings)

My life purpose is to gently support people to discover that they too can have a magical life by helping them to receive guidance from the Unknown ! (through my personal coaching sessions)

Kalyaan Kumar Jain

HYL have started new journey of my life, it is my chance and process to see world with different view. Explanation & teaching is understandable becoz of demo and your related stories. Go for it more. Exercises are enjoyable, help to discover new ideas and add much more to life. Ambience was perfect and relaxable. Food was yummy. Group Energy was good.
Suggestion : Can u add video material also for teaching and explanation ?


Very well explained n taught with examples. Simple exercises & processes carried out explicitly with depth. Soothing n relaxing ambience. Food was good, just perfect. Group Energy was very high n positive. HYL workshop was carried out very well. I was connected all the time to each aspect of it. Also, some release has taken place during HYL.
Love u Louise Hay💚
Love u Reetta Kalyan Jain.💚
for uplifting n enriching my thoughts n thereby, my life

Shobha Desai

Thanks Kalyaan sir and Reetta Kalyan Jain . The workshop of 2 days was simply outstanding. The complex things were made simple and the entire learning process was made easier for us to grasp things in a better way. I felt the good and pure ambience. The food was tasty an it felt satvik to have the food filled with positive energy. Group energy was excellent, vibrant and positive.
Overall the experience took me to another level of conscious living which is free from negativity.

Latika Rishi Rathod

1) Firstly, my sincere thanks to you and madam for accommodating me at the last minute. Still many unresolved issues but immediately now it feels light and enthusiastic. In lucid language and encouragement, how to better understand ourselves and others was achieved by your teaching.
2) Exercises & processes were explained well and easily followed by all.
3) Ambience and food were good and the Group Energy was vibrant.
4) Stayed true to the specified Louise Hay module effectively, queries answered in a simplified manner, ice breaking done smoothly.

Vispi Parakh

In the recent HYL workshop, I found the explanation relevant & the teaching good. The processes had a lot of depth. Very soothing ambience and good food.
Special mention of the group energy which was very high & energetic. Workshop was conducted well with a lot of enthusiasm & I gained new insights.

Sonal Joshi

HYL is a blessing for me. And that too from a well experienced and knowledgeable couple. It was splendid. I look forward to get more knowledge from them. Thank you for the beautiful two days workshop and helping us go through the process of identifying ourselves. Very good ambiance & superb, tasty and ideally arranged food.
Group energy was wonderful and overall I had a very exclusive and good experience.


Thank you Kalyaan and Rita for the wonderful HYL workshop. The course was explained in a very simple language, easy to grasp and comprehend, with examples. Exercises were good and the processes were just excellent. Could release many issues also. Place was very good. Food was tasty and the service was good. Group energy was positive .
I am very grateful for getting an opportunity to do this HYL. Thank u, thank you thank you. God bless you all.


Kalyan Jain, was my first teacher to introduce me to Angel World by teaching Angel Cards. Later I did HYL, with him & Reetta Kalyan Jain., and it changed me completely from inside and outside. My thinking pattern changed, showed me a mirror, my true self, and that helped me change as a person, to what I am today. I follow his teachings, taking things in a positive way, lead a relaxed humble life. His teachings have lit a light within me. I am really grateful to Him, for being my teacher. Thank you Kayan Sir. Thank you Rita.

Dilnavaz Irani, A Feng Shui Expert

Mr. Jain was an Angel in disguise for me when I was going through an awful phase of my professional career. I met Mr. Jain at a health and wellness expo, got my card reading done from him. It was truly a blessing to meet him. Later in a month’s time I underwent a beautiful healing session with him and after following his affirmation chants, I successfully achieved what I was praying for since the longest time. Thank you so much Mr. Jain.

Nidhi Naik

In a really difficult and miserable time, I have taken a Past Life Regression session from Mr. Jain which has helped me a lot to understand the cycle of karma. It made me to understand that all situations in our life, what so ever, is based only in our akashik records. However we have power to choose our response to that particular situation, our present karma. And with your continuous guidance and help I am able to respond to most of the situations with positive attribute. Thanks for a life changing session.

Dr Hitesh

I have done my Affirmations Coach Certification from Kalyan Jain Sir. I have seen the magic of affirmations working on me and my family. Since then, I have started working as an Affirmations Coach. I could carry out my work successfully due to the way it was taught to me, the notes that were given and the guidance oriented personal sessions. I am thankful to Kalyaan Kumar Jain Sir for getting me into this new arena and adding a new dimension to my career.

Nirja Upadhyay, Nashik